Zero Waste Initiatives Are Happening Right Now


What, Why and How

Zero waste initiatives are environmental practices and actions initiated from individual level in a proactive manner. They have been gathering huge public attention and enormous momentum particularly in developed countries.

Zero waste initiatives advocate for the gradual reduction and responsible handling of waste in order to reduce our personal impact on our earth and environment, for example, green consumption in terms of reducing and avoiding the use of disposable items and plastic packaging; waste sorting, recycling and composting in order to reduce waste that goes to landfill; green commuting so as to reduce personal CO2 emission etc.

Zero waste initiatives support reasonable and sustainable consumption as well as the reduction of excessive and unnecessary consumption in order to avoid the production of waste from its very source therefore contribute to the reservation of natural resources and a better well-being for future generations.

Zero waste initiatives uphold the value of “waste not, want not” and oppose unsustainable and irresponsible throw-away lifestyle.

Zero waste initiatives encourage individuals to act as a responsible citizen of the earth.

While some dismiss zero waste as a unrealistic goal, others embrace it as a philosophy and a bright vision. Zero waste initiatives have inspired hundreds and thousands of people around the globe, especially the youth generation,  to transforme to a more consistent zero waste practices as a lifestyle.