A Little Academic: A Comparative and Critical Study of Climate Driving Performance between JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America

Somewhere last year during my Master Study, we were assigned a case study by our Professor, who is an expert in sustainable supply chain management, to evaluate companies in different industries in terms of their environmental performance. Some of my classmates decided to investigate manufacturing industries, others went for IT, transportation, energy and aviation industry,  if i still have a good memory.

I was rather intrigued by this case study as it was environment-related, but it really took me a while to decide the industry that I would like to attack. Then one day while I was looking at a table which showed the ranking of CO2 emission level by sectors, financial sector jumped right out in front of me. According to the table, financial sector is ranked at the bottom and has contributed the least amount of CO2 emission to the climate. Financial companies don’t have physical products, neither factories, nor assembling lines or warehouses. I was wondering what they were able to do to reduce their own carbon and water footprint and to achieve a better environmental performance. With the whole purpose of seeking the answer for this question, I commenced my own research.

After a little initial preparation and planning, I went on for an entire ten days’ hermit mode. Yes, I have reached the ultimate stage of human evolution. Wanna know what a hermit mode means in the modern society? Look far right at the two dudes enslaved to their high-tech gadgets, looking so cheerful, focused and committed. Yes, i was like that.

Photo credit : Human Factors Fundamentals: My Top 5, ergonomicsblog.uk

Funny thing is, I went on indeed for my hermit mode, but the hermitage was not my own place!! I only returned to my place for sleeping after midnight. During the entire daytime and evening until mid-night, I was hanging out at a friend’s place invading her every bit of right to privacy, for ten days!!  What a great friend I was. I know!! I even expressed my thanks to her publicly in front of my audiences!!! Actually, I meant she was great. Truth is that she really had smooth internet connection and a lot of food in her refrigerator. And unlike the two dudes in the photo, I did have my clothe on okay.~

During the ten days, I was browsing who knows how frigging many webpages. I was sifting through an ocean of internet nonsense trying to locate the information that held true value. I was sending out tons of emails making inquiries which made me feel like a private investigator. I was making my tables and forms, analyzing the data that I had captured. I was building my own report and argument, designing my own presentation slides. I even had time to practice my speech with the help of the cues that I had exquisitely hidden in my slides.

The intensive ten-day research has enabled me to produce a 20 pages report, a 50 pages presentation.Then on the day of the presentation, my speech went on for more than  one hour. Throughout my entire marathon presentation, I somehow managed to have the attention of my audiences with me thanks to my carefully prepared arguments, analysis and evidences as well as to my spontaneous sense of humor. I really had great audiences and I still feel a lot of gratitude.

Immediately after the class, my professor asked me for a couple of minutes in her office. Long story short, I was offered a two-month research internship and lucky me I was also promised another one if the first one would pan out.:)

Finally, let me have the great pleasure to share with you my little academic work. I’m not saying that this is a professional work that can stand up to high standard scientific scrutiny. Simply that if you happen to be interested in environmental studies or Corporate Social Responsibility, my research may at least provide you with some information. The pleasure is all mine. 🙂
Actually, I like the presentation a little bit more than my report 🙂

You can view my full academic report from here:

“A Comparative and Critical Study of Climate Driving Performance between JPM and BOA”

And my Prezi Presentation by clicking the photo below:cdp-researchRedistribution of this academic research of any kind without explicit permission or consent from the author or without giving credit to the author is a violation to the author’s copyright.

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