My little zero waste project: worm composting

Worm composting illustration

When it comes to composting, most people would think that you’ll need a yard or a garden to do that. Actually, there is another type called worm composting which you can do even if you live in a small apartment which is my case. Tomorrow, I’ll have my first training on how to do a worm composting at home, then by the end of the month, I’ll have all my equipment set up for this little new zero waste project. Hopefully, give it an experiment of one or two months, I’ll be able to produce no more organic waste that goes to landfill. Should be a pretty cool project for dudes. Not sure if girls have the stomach to handle those little red wigglers but go ahead and challenge yourself why not. I’ll keep you guys posted.


One thought on “My little zero waste project: worm composting

  1. Thinking of putting those little worms in my apartment trembles me. But if this helps solve our waste problems , why not give it a try? :))))


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