Documentary: Unwasted – The Future of Business on Earth

Your Waste Is Your Business

My dear readers,

In this blog, I’d like to invite you to watch one of my favorite documentaries that has offered me great inspirations. It is called “Unwasted: The Future of Business on Earth“.

As someone who is super interested in waste problems and keen on finding solutions to combat waste. This documentary approaches waste problem from a real sharp angle that got us into self-reflection and examination on our own environmental impact result from our personal activities. 

One of the purposes of many documentaries is to expose the painful truth and the hidden facts about our society and human lives. Therefore, in many cases, depending on the nature of the documentary, the storytelling can be a bit cold and calm and not so cheerful so that when viewers finish watching the documentary, they might have this heavy feeling upon their chest. Quite on the contrary, this documentary takes a very positive attitude in discussing the problems but also takes a step further to provide us with many valuable advice as well as inspiring solutions. The major content of the documentary are interviews with many responsables or employees from their respective businesses. Each and everyone of them discusses generously how they perceive and practice zero waste. Personally, I do not agree one hundred percent with all opinions expressed in the documentary, still there are definitely a great deal of things that we can learn from.

This documentary encourages us into rethinking the value of our stuff. It calls for responsible actions from individual level. It advocates for the collaboration in tackling waste problems. It also depicts a beautiful future of zero waste. I have watched couple of documentaries that talk about waste problems. For example, “Trashed“, “Plasticized“, “Garbage Island“, “Addicted to Plastics” etc. Each one of them has their own angle and emphasis. This documentary is the only one that has brought forward to the audience the concept of “zero waste (initiatives)” which is exactly what I am promoting through my own projects. The concept of zero waste is so right and so bright.

Having watched it dozens of times and still cannot get inspired enough. I decided to contact the film producer and offer my service to transcribe and translate this documentary in order to share it with a greater audience via my own website. Initially, I established the contact with Ms. Julie Pond who was the executive producer of the film. Though she has now retired from the industry, she replied very fast my LinkedIn message and offered to help me out. Thank you Ms. Pond. Then I went on the official webpage of PorterWorks, who was the producer of the film and eventually I obtained my contact with the director of the film Mr. Kyle Porter via PorterWork’s Facebook page

Honestly speaking, I am really honored that Mr. Porter has granted me to subtitle his documentary. I hereby express my sincere gratitude for your kindness, Mr. Porter.

Still a couple of words for my dear readers. Many times people indeed go “wow~~!” while watching a very good documentary. It might also get them thinking for a little while afterwards. However, as we are living our lives inundated with all kinds issues and distractions, people tend to forget about things really fast as time goes by. Or they just become indifferent and oblivious to them, so that the effect of the documentary dies down and fades away from the public eyes. I can assure you that this is a documentary that deserves to be watched, rewatched, remembered and redistributed so that the public at large can be continuously informed and inspired. I sincerely hope that this documentary will stay with you and will continue inspiring you and those you share it with.

Copyright Information:

This documentary is owned by Mr. Kyle Porter from the company PorterWorks in the US. I, Nick●The Freelancer, do not and will not claim authorship to any part of this documentary except for the Chinese translation. Porterworks is a company that offers courses and trainings associated with sustainability. To know more about Porterworks, please visit its website and its Facebook page 

Note: As for those friends who are going to share this documentary with your audiences in future occasions, please do keep in mind to mention the source of the documentary and the copyright information about Mr. Kyle Porter.

Support and protect copyrighted material against copyright infringement.


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