2nd Video: Setting up for Worm Composting

I have already set up a small worm composting station in my kitchen. No major cost incurred. I only spent 10 euros each for the worm composter and 500 grams of worms (red wigglers) that will be delivered to my appartment tomorrow. The preparation cannot be easier. I only prepared one bag of finely shredded paper and cartons (carbonaceous material), a small bucket, a spatula and a paper form that I attached on the wall in order to record and track my organic waste. I still need to prepare a vaporizer though. keeping a good level of humidity inside the worm composter is very essential.

Today I also went to visit my friend and have brought back home some dead leaves collected from his yard. Dead leaves are fantastic bedding material for the worms.

The thought of having no more organic waste that will go to the landfill is real exhilarating. This is definitely a cool green project for dudes. Girls might feel a bit scared by the worms but why not challenge yourself.

I’ll continue updating my progress on my channel. Stay tuned. Good luck with whoever that are going to launch your own worm composting project. Best of luck.

Look at the photos and watch the video at the bottom of the blog for all details regarding the preparation for my worm composting project

The form that tracks my organic waste. 
The bag filled with shredded papers 
My bucket half-filled with dead leaves and a spatula 
The bedding made of papers, cartons and dead leaves 
My little corner for worm composting 

For video with English subtitle, please click here to watch it from my YouTube Channel 点击此链接观看我的YouTube频道带英文字幕的视频



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