5th video: Zero food waste for 2 weeks

Since I started feeding my worms two weeks ago, I have not thrown away any organic waste No matter they were food scraps or fruit peelings, I have fed them all to my worms. When they have just arrived at my place, they were slim, inactive and kind of stressed. After eating all the food that I have prepared for them, they have now become kinda plump and have gained some weight. Sometimes I poked them with my spatula and some wiggled like fish out of the water, which tells me that my worm are in good form right now.

The form that I am using to track my organic waste

The two weeks did not pass without incidents. During their early days of adaptation, 3 little worms somehow escaped the compost bin. They could not get back inside, thus their mucus protection which only exists in humid environment disappeared. So they died of dehydration and their body turned into stiff sticks. I put them back to the compost bin which is where they belonged and they will eventually turn into organic matter, too.

The other incident took place last Friday, two piles of food waste of 500 grams each have rotten because I forgot to mix them with dry materials and there was a bad smell. As a result, some 40 worms have fled the compost tray and have displaced themselves inside the juice tray. Fortunately, I have managed to redo the bedding and recover their living condition by adding in many dead leaves in order to get rid of the excess humidity as well as to cover up the bad smell. Now whenever I go check the juice tray, which in fact I have done dozens of times these two days, there are only about 10 worms inside there. The condition has resumed back to normal.

Apart from these two little incidents, everything else is cool. I feed my worms regularly and I am able to visualize the reduction of my own waste in the compost bin. I am happy to see that some of my worms have become really hyper. I count on them to be big eaters. I’ll have all kinds of delicious food well prepared for them. And of course, I’ll become healthier myself since I’ll be cooking my own food more often other than consuming ready meal or fast food.

The coolest thing about my worm composting project is that it makes me feel fantastic for being the solution to my own problem. I’ll definitely keep my worms with me and keep my zero waste project going for as long as I can.

Here it is the 5th video that has resumed my two weeks of zero food waste. Enjoy watching. 🙂

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