Transitioning Toward Zero Waste Life

Having been inspired by so many prominent individuals who have been practicing zero waste initiatives as a lifestyle, I could finally wait no more to launch one of my own.

I have just started my transition since the end of last years. Yes, now I use both sides of the paper. Yes, I have replaced all paper towels with cloth towels and yes I try to buy all my stuff with the least amount of plastic packaging etc. But these are really the most basic practices.

2017 is my transition year and i will be approaching my own zero waste initiatives more aggressively. I have brought home just today a worm compost. I will be receiving my little red wigglers next week. Then, i’ll be able to process all my organic waste inside my apartment. Yeh~

In fact, I am just an ordinary guy, probably the same as most of you who will be watching this video. For sure, I will be confronted with a lot of problems and challenges during this year of transition. But i’ll pull full throttle and give it my best shot. My logic is nothing but a simple one: If i can pull this one off, i don’t see the reason why everybody else can’t.

Don’t wait up. Launch your own zero waste initiatives now.
Zero waste life is so right and so bright.
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