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The Nick that I Know | Le Nicholas que Je connais | 我所认识的尼古拉

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Oleksandra Kochura (乌克兰 Ukrainian)

If you are talking with sustainability enthusiast, you are probably talking with Nick. As for me, I have discovered Nick even before our meeting. In my eyes, he was a passionate and creative person, with a lot of determination and readiness to help, somebody who target the improvement of a planet. To be honest, the question of sustainability has never inspired me before, I knew that there is a need to protect our upcoming future, but for me this moment seemed to be so far that’s why I was postponing the carrying issue till worse times. Meanwhile, Nick had an opposite position: he was really concerned in continuous and eco style of living. I wondered how this issue can embolden the person to such extent. I was wondering till the time while this question excited me personally. As a strategy passionate, I discovered the issue from a different angle, from the angle of business models practices. Essentially, the nature itself encourages us to create a value for all stakeholders, while the stakeholders of the nature are everything and everybody. Therefore it touches everyone. Long-term social, technological and environmental practices are possible in any field. Have you ever thought about that? So, let’s deliver sustainability in any form: by applying eco-business models in our business, by sorting wastes, by consuming less and let’s share it with Nick! He is a right person to make our world better with.” — Oleksandra Kochura currently working at Aéroport Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées – SNC LAVALIN, France

Juan Barril Comas (西班牙 Spanish)

I will never forget our beginning in Bayonne, France. Nick was the earliest who has arrived for our Master. In no time, we started getting along really well. The fact is that Nick is my first friend over there and my first support.

The first thing that surprised me of him is that he is a perfect mix between a big load of energy, motivation and an unusual vision which I knew from the very beginning would conduct him to a successful result in our stay in France.

But what most impressed me was his capacity of oratory, showing higher level of our professors coming from all over the world, even of the natives from English speaking ones.

Regarding facing new languages, from the very beginning he was the only one in our Master who was able to communicate in French with natives in the daily life. I am pretty sure he will show you how to accomplish your language targets in a short lead of time.

I have really learnt a lot of key things thanks to him. I highlight the capacity of looking the good point of view in each situation you can face. It looks easy when you are not realizing it. I have lived by now in 5 EU countries, namely,  Spain, the UK, France, Malta, Poland and Italy. In Southern European countries we have tendency to increase the difficulty of the problems, having a clear mind will in most cases conduct us to solve a problem or situation in the most efficient way.

Now I am currently working in Rome, capital of Italy, I use 4 languages in my work and I am facing critical situations as Sales & IT manager, every day I keep in mind all of those problematic situations that Nick and I faced together in France, both in our academic and professional life (from our starting point in France working for some multinationals such as IKEA and Decathlon in French language). Our early success was due to the hard work we had done together building up our profile and training in big job fairs. and only 5 months after landing in France!!!

While we were attending an international colloquium in San Sebastian in Spain with our university, Nick was totally involved in sustainability issue, a field that I don’t have any doubt that he will develop much further in the future of his professional career.

I cannot forget his human quality as a friend, always there to help you. If you are thinking to contact him, don’t hesitate and do it as soon as possible as he will know how to conduct your personal or professional plan to a big success! — Juan Barril Comas, Sales & IT manager currently working in Rome, Italy.

张群(中国 Chinese)

As a persistent and faithful person, Nicholas devotes true efforts to every goal he pursuits; that is why he never stops moving forward and upward in so many years despite all the difficulties thrown at him. He has great sense and sensibility to get perplexing issues solved, and you can always count on him in hard times. Sympathy and empathy add a soft dimension to his manly personality. Yes, he is a lifetime friend, with all my best wishes and full respect . — (Kelly) Qun ZHANG, Doctoral Candidate at the University of Kentucky, US.

Dan CRETU (乌克兰 Ukrainian)

If I would have to describe Nick in one word, I would say ‘cheerful’. Also I know him as a generous person who is ready to give a helping hand. I think he is the kind of guy who always looks to deepen his connections and add value to any relationship he develops.  — Dan CRETU, currently at the 3rd year of his Bachelor Degree in International Management in France.

刘冰清 (中国 Chinese)

Well, I guess this is where I should describe the Nick that I know. Ehhhh, intelligent, obviously. Rational and kindhearted, certainly. Proud, probably. Ambitious, why shouldn’t he be? Environmental Enthusiast, not obvious at all. Nick is a lot of things. But the truth is,  I hated Nicholas.

I hated him for making me realize how slothful I was by embracing all kinds of knowledge with an open mind and how superficial I was by putting himself on every task with 100% energy and passion. I hated him for dragging me out of my old-days glory by showing me an ever brighter future.

I hated him for being able to enjoy when he can and endure when he must, for always being optimistic and enterprising even in the darkest days of life.

I hated him for constantly keeping me moving forward and I hated it that he shall forever have my love and respect. — (Caroline) Bing Qing LIU, Director of Business Development at GSA (Global School Access), an educational organization headquartered in the US. 

Rahman KHAN                    (巴基斯坦 Pakistani)

Nicholas: A person with superbe communication skills and the one who’s always open to fruitful conversations whether it’s about education or other life experiences. I came to know him as a friend of Juan (common friend of us) and found an ambassador of Chinese culture in French setting. Being an extrovert and having loads of care about environmental sustainability adds up to his personality and makes him a prominent individual. Hope one day his efforts will bring some real changes to our planet. Good luck. — Rahman KHAN, PHD student at IAE-CREG, France.

姜国超(中国 Chinese)

He is a man who has a beautiful soul. He is a man who pursues good things constantly. He is a man who I trust and respect. He is Nick. Nick and I had spent a fantastic 3 years working together in Kenya. We used to talk about our dreams and the type of life we yearned for. We even shared some little secrets deep inside our hearts. Through all these I know that he is a reliable friend. Yet what impressed me the most was his determination and persistance to uphold his dream. He made it. He is a Freelancer and he’s working on something he truly loves. As the classic line goes: some birds aren’t meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright. Best wishes to you my bro and to the beautiful adventure you are embarking upon.  (Rick) Guo Chao JIANG, been working in Kenya for 6 years.

Matt HYATT ( 美国 American)

Nick was the first person to help me out when I came France to begin my studies. He provided a real and balanced assessment of IAE-Bayonne where we both finished our Masters in Management. Nick is always able to engage in very intellectually charged discussions in and out of classes. I’m so grateful for my friendship with Nick and knowing that I have a very culturally diverse resource is extremely reassuring. Nick’s career ambitions and hard work are very admirable. I’m excited to be side by side with Nick as we begin another phase in our respective careers. Plus! like me, Nick loves basketball and the NBA! Matt HYATT, Brand Manager at Xendera, France.

Edeosiwi BIU (尼日利亚 Nigerian)

The Nick I know…….the Freelancer is a special and unique breed. Although I never had enough time to spend with him or to learn a lot from the thousands of potentials in him, but the little time I spent with him as my course mate for nearly two years was interesting and inspiring.

Nicholas is so vast and does not hesitate to demonstrate high level of understanding in nearly every topic of discussion. It is not surprising because I think he goes into details to know about everything. I’m glad to know that he was taking “sustainability” to the next level because I had observed the passion he had for it while in school as well as in seminars for it. I have no doubt that with Nicholas and team of others who share common spirit with him, the environment would be a better place.

Regarding language, again this guy is good and his interest for language cannot fail him. I remember back then in school, Nicholas was the only one in our class who was studying French on another level while others were in elementary level. He was the only one that could speak and communicate with the French students. In fact there were times when I asked for his help to send or interpret messages via French or even make calls on my behalf in French.

Aside what he is currently pursuing, I know Nicholas to be hardworking and determined in everything he does. I think he was the first or one of the first to get a part time job while we were in school. He loves challenges and knows how well to handle challenges when he is faced with one. In the middle of the storm I can assure anyone that Nicholas can stand tall and firm. A guy who sees only the positive side of things….. that’s the Nick I know.

Nicholas is a trustworthy person with high level of integrity. I have actually tried and tested him unknown to him and he hasn’t failed. He is also a responsible guy not just to himself but to those who care to know and appreciate him. He is ever ready to make sacrifice and shoulder the responsibility of others even to his detriment.

The Nick I know is such a friendly and easy going kind of person ready to interact with anyone irrespective of the race. Am African but he never acted like am one any day in his interactions with me. He is a cheerful giver even to the last penny he has. Indeed he is caring and trustworthy. He is a guy with integrity. Words will fail me if I do not mention that he is a Peace maker. No wonder he wants us to make peace with the environment and also wants people to mingle with others from different cultures. ” — Edeosiwi BIU, currently working in Nigeria

Nezha (Moroccan 摩洛哥)

Nick is the kind of guy who is serious when he doing his work and funny when he is with his friends. With him you can learn new things specially about China (food and traditions) n’ the language of course. Well, Nick is an interesting guy to get to know and I am very happy that he is one of my international friends:)))” — Nezha

Mme. Cathy GUERIN (法国 Française)

Le Nicholas que je connais est « Ming Ming ». Je travaillais à l’Université lorsqu’il est arrivé en France. Il parlait très peu notre langue mais dégageait déjà une sacrée personnalité. Au bout de quelques mois, il nous a tous épaté par ses progrès en français.

Il est venu à plusieurs reprises à mon bureau au cours de l’année universitaire pour me présenter de nouveaux étudiants qu’il avait pris sous son aile.

Ming Ming est un vrai fédérateur, toujours souriant, dynamique avec  des projets plein la tête. Un bel exemple pour cette génération. J’ai la réelle conviction qu’il fera de belles et grandes choses grâce à son ambition et sa ténacité. Je lui souhaite la réussite qu’il mérite.— Madame Cathy GUERIN

Cynthia BORDARRAMPE (法国 Française)

Le Nicolas que je connais ou plutôt devrais-je dire le Ming ming que je connais est un homme plein d’énergie, ambitieux et passionné dans ce qu’il réalise. J’ai eu l’opportunité, il y a maintenant deux ans, de le rencontrer en phase de recrutement. Rapidement séduite par sa maturité et son discours, nous lui avons donné sa chance pour un poste et ce fut un réel plaisir de l’avoir dans mon équipe.

De part ses valeurs et son engagement, Ming ming a été force de proposition sur les actions autour du développement durable dans notre service. Passionné par les initiatives zéro déchet, il a contribué à l’optimisation de nos déchets et au tri à la source.  Par un engagement de tous en magasin, nous avons pu atteindre un taux de tri de 89.1% pour la première année du magasin.

Dans votre parcours professionnel, il y a des rencontres qui vous marquent et Ming Ming fera partie de ces collaborateurs avec lesquels j’ai eu plaisir à travailler et à les voir grandir.

J’ai été très agréablement surprise par sa facilité à tisser des liens que ce soit avec notre clientèle ou les collaborateurs du magasin.

Je suis certaine qu’il réalisera ces rêves les plus fous de part ses ambitions, sa sincérité et son engagement.” — Cynthia BORDARRAMPE, IKEA Bayonne, France

廖思宇 (中国 Chinese

Nick,他身上的闪光点太多。英语好,他一张口你就知道他的水平;’不要脸’,学习一门新语言的时候永远不怕犯错,利用每一个机会去锻炼自己;自律强,当决定做事的时候,到时间点就该做,绝不把今天的事拖到明天做。现实中太多人大梦想,小行动。而他是大梦想,大行动。“– (Tristan) Si Yu LIAO, Master in International Management (Orientation: International Commerce), currently working in Germany

黄嘉婷  (中国 Chinese)









 Gaelle Wong, currently working in Paris in Event Management for Aerospace Events.

苏晨欣 (中国 Chinese)


当时在Bayonne那个小城市,尼古拉、我、还有其他四个来自中国五湖四海的小伙伴很快成了一起搭伙做饭,一起喝酒吃肉的好朋友。尼古拉就像所有人的大哥哥(虽然是大哥的岁数,但长了一张小鲜肉的脸),把我们的事当成自己的事,每次有谁碰到困难,除了宽慰的话,他更会给出自己真实的建议,也会和我们分享他自己的经历,每每听到他在非洲工作生活的点点滴滴,都打心底佩服他,同时深刻的觉得,在异国他乡能认识这样一个能分享经验,能分担烦恼的朋友,实在是我的幸运。这次他为自己的新事业准备了很久,他付出的心血我们都看在眼里。在这里我想说,谢谢你让我们成为你人生的一部分,谢谢你给我们这个机会出现在这样特别的一页里,相信机会会垂帘你这样一个有准备的人,就如同我相信我们之间的友谊天长地久。永远支持尼古拉的苏小妹儿  (Susan) Chen Xin SU, Master in International Management (Orientation: International Commerce), currently working in France

陈树 (中国 Chinese)


他是一个很有自己想法的人,设定的目标一定会达成;同时也感觉他是一个很随性的人,随遇而安,能够跟着自己的想法走,不被周围的事情所束缚。踏实是对他最好的诠释,做事不急不躁,坚定信念,一步一个脚印的完成既定目标,在所有人都束手无策的时候他永远是最冷静的那个,能够平衡一个体系中各部分关系。真的很荣幸可以认识到这个朋友,亲人,兄长。青山常在,友谊长存。— Shu CHEN, Master in Business Administration, currently working in China

Dong Chen XIA  (中国 Chinese)

大道至简, 知易行难. 在通往梦想的道路上, 充斥着各种大梦想家的言论, 甚嚣尘上. 而在这些浮夸的背后, 真正能登上荣誉殿堂的, 是那些夙兴夜寐的实干家. 尼古拉就是其中之一 : 他有明确的目标, 强大的执行力, 扎实的专业技能, 和理性的态度. 相信他的 thefreelancer 一定会取得成功。— Dongchen XIA, Mechanical Engineer, currently working in France

贾丙乙 (中国 Chinese)

时光荏苒,十年光景也不过转眼之间。他经历了太多,有收获也有遗憾,但他还在前行。他在法国两年的硕士学习刚刚画上句号,他又扛起了背包踏上了新的征程。真心提醒他勿忘初心,真心祝愿他前程似锦! — (Joan) Bing Yi JIA, English teacher at one international high school in Shenyang, China.